PP Filter Bags

Micron PP Filter Bag available with Sewing type  and Hot Welded Seam Constraction. Filtration rate(0.3 to 200micron) and full size available.
All Sewing type PP filter bags below come with a handle and a Stainless steel ring. Other ring types available in Carbon Steel(S), Polypropylene (PP), Polypropylene flange (PL), Drawstring (D), or no ring/raw (R).
Hot Welded Seam Constraction available with Polypropylene (PP) and Polypropylene flange (PL) neck material.  There will be “W” in last style number, such as PO5P2SSW(No Symbol mean Sewn type).
It You can offer a bag style number to confirm the bags information. Such as PO5P2SS.
Each part numbers consists for a series of numbers and letters designating what you are looking for:
PO5P2SS : The letters before numbers desination for material. PO means Polypropylene.
PO5P2SS : The numbers is designation bags’ micron rating and in this case it is a 5 micron.
PO2P2SS : The next set of letter& & number bag size. P2 is 7″ x 32″(180x810mm)
PO2P2SS : The last letter is material of filter bag ring, SS means a Stainless Steel Ring

PP Filter Bag with Stainless Steel Neck Material (PO_xx_P_xx_SS)
PP Filter Bag with Carbon Steel Neck Material (PO_xx_P_xx_S)
PP Filter Bag with Drawstring Neck Material (PO_xx_P_xx_D)
PP Filter Bag with Plastic Neck Material (PO_xx_P_xx_PP)
PP Filter Bag with PP Flang Material (PO_xx_P_xx_PL)
PP Filter Bag with Raw Edge (PO_xx_P_xx_R)

PP Filter Bag Sizes(Stainless Steel Neck Material)
Micron1# (7″x16″)2# (7″x32″)3# (4″x9″)4# (4″x14″)

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