Polyester Filter Mesh 75 Micron

Polyester Filter Mesh 74 Micron

Polyester Mesh 74 Micron

Data Sheet Polyester Filter Mesh 74 Micron    Polyester Filter Mesh 74 Micron

Polyester Filter Mesh

Good resistance to chemical except alkalis.
Very stiff, strong and hard but does not have good abrasion resistance.
Working temperature is typically around 302F (150C).
Water absorption is very low.
Sterilizing by autoclaving, ETO sterilizing and gamma sterilizing (Under 5 Megarads) can be performed.

Part Numbers

COX Micron Filter Bag Part #1: 07-74/34
COX Micron Filter Bag Part #2: 3A07-0074-150-00

Technical Information

Mesh Opening: 74 micron
Open Area: 34 %
Thread Diameter: 54 micron
Weight (lbs): 0.08 lbs/yd^2
Weight (oz): 1.3 oz/yd^2
Weight (g): 45 g/m^2
Thickness: 85 micron
Width: Standard 1m or other sizes, such as 59 inch
Length: All filter mesh are sold in meter or roll.

Material: Polyester
Specific Gravity: 1.38 g/mm^3
Tensile Strength: 45-75 daN/mm^2
Stability to light: Poor
Abrasion resistance: Limited
Acid resistance: Good
Alkaline resistance: Limited
Stability to solvents: Good
Hydrolysis resistance: Limited

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