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NMO1200P1R-Nylon Filter Sock

Monofilament Nylon Filter Mesh Bag, 1200 Mic, 7" diam. x 17" long, No Ring – COX Filter Cloth

Nylon Filter Bag/Sock, 1200 Mic, 7" diam. x 17" long, No Ring - COX Filter

Data Sheet Nylon Filter Bag, 1200 Mic, 7" diam. x 17" long, No Ring - COX Filter    Nylon Filter Bags, 1200 Mic, 7" diam. x 17" long, No Ring - COX Filter

Nylon Filter Mesh Bags, 1200 Micron, No Bag Finish, 7″ diam. x 17″ long, No Ring, 2.5 SQ. Ft., Max Temp. 350 F, 50 Per Box

Leading time: 7~10 Working Days
Filter Bag Material: Monofilament Nylon Filter Mesh Cloth
Filter Bag Size: 7" diam. x 17" long
Filter Bag Neck Material: No Ring
Filtration Micron: 1200
Other Style No.: FSI NMO1200P1R, Rosedale NMO-1200-P1R


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Monofilament Nylon Filter Mesh Bag, 1200 Mic, 7" diam. x 17" long, No Ring – COX Filter Cloth

NMO1200P1R-Nylon Filter Sock

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