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Data Sheet mesh filter socks    mesh filter socks
mesh filter socks

1. Detailed Description Of mesh filter socks
Size: 7*17”,7*32”,4*9”,4*15”, 6*22”, other size can be custom made.
Micro rating: 25-1500 micro.
Filter Bag structure:
A) Sewn(stitched) filter bag body+ sewn(stitched) “arc” type filter bag bottom+ sewn(stitched) metal ring filter bag top.
C) Sewn(stitched) filter bag body+ sewn(stitched) “arc” type filter bag bottom+ drawstring top
Free Samples are available with freight cost covered by buyer or freight cost collection.
2. Features Of mesh filter socks  
-Easy to replace.
-Manufacturer of mesh filter socks
3. Related item of mesh filter socks
3-1. Micron filter bags for liquid filtration
COX Filter Cloth Material and Micron Ratings: for all your liquid filter bags requirements
Polypropylene felt bags: 1-300 micron
Polyester felt bags: 1-300 micron
Nylon mesh bags: 25-800 micron
High temperature micron rating bags: Nomex felts /ptfe(Teflon felt) in most micron ratings
3-2. COX Filter Cloth Liquid filter bag Size
#1 7"x17"                    Sewn/Welded
#2 7"x32"                    Sewn/Welded
#3 4"x8"                      Sewn/Welded
#4 4"x14"                    Sewn/Welded
#5 6"x22"             Sewn/Welded
3-3. COX Filter Cloth Liquid filter bag top type
Plastic ring, metal ring, drawstring, plain
4. Applications Of mesh filter socks
Widely used in electronics, semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverages, paints, paper industry, automobile manufacturing, inks, resins, water treatment and other fields.

COX Filter Cloth() is one of China liquid filter bags and filter socks manufacturers, factory and supplies, is making and supplying China liquid filter elements, liquid filter bags, PE felt liquid filter bags, PP felt liquid filter bags, nylon mesh liquid filter bags, nut milk filter bags, liquid filter socks, nomex liquid filter bags, ptfe felt liquid filter bags, stainless steel mesh liquid filter bags, high temperature liquid filter bags with good quality and good prices.


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mesh filter socksmesh filter socks from China,Micron PP Filter Bag,Liquid Polyester Filter Mesh,Nylon Filter Sock Aquarium

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